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Joseph Krupp 1828 - 1890

Joseph Krupp was baptized 18 Jun 1823 in Bengen, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, as Stephen Joseph. He was the youngest known child of Johann Joseph Krupp and Anna Eva Mertens.

Postcard of Bengen

Joseph married Katherine Kraemer on 10 Jun 1849 in Unkel, Germany. She was born 12 Dec 1827. Her parents are currently unknown. [As stated by Katherine on her pension declaration]

Bengen and Unkel are 11 miles apart, but across a river.

The couples first child, Anna Krupp, was born 1 May 1848 in Germany. There is a baptism transcription for a child named Anna Eva, baptized 29 Apr 1849, daughter of Stephan Joseph Krupp and Catharina Kremer.

Daughter Isabella was said to be born 18 Jul 1855 in Germany.  There is a baptism transcription for a child named Sybilla, baptized 22 Jul 1855, in Bengen, daughter of Stephan Joseph Krupp and Catharina Kraemer.

St. Lambertus Church.

The family left Germany for the United States, eventually making their way to southeastern Wisconsin.

Passenger list - Ship - Plymouth Rock, sailing from London 26 Jul 1856, arriving New York 4 Aug 1856

Krupp, Joseph, 33, farmer, from Germany to United States, traveled in steerage
Katherine, 39
Anna, 6
Adolph, 11
Anton, 10

While baby Isabella is not listed and there are 2 boys that are not Joseph's sons with family, in civil war pension records for Katherine's widow pension, Adolph Weber states he came to the US with Joseph in 1856.

Daughter Julia was born 1 Jan 1858 in Wisconsin

Racine City Directory of 1858
Krupp, Joseph, laborer, h. St Clair, c. Hubbard  [House on St Clair corner of Hubbard]

Daughter Barbara was born in 1860 in Wisconsin. While Barbara is listed on the 1860 census, she is not included in the 1870 census. Her death date is unknown.

The 1860 Federal Census - Caledonia, Racine, Wisconsin, taken 13 Jun 1860.
Krupp, Joseph, 30, f. laborer, $74 value of personal estate, born Germany
Maria, 27, born Germany
Anna, 12, born Germany
Isabella, 7, born Germany
Julia, 3, born Wisconsin
Barbara, 3/12, born Wisconsin

Daughter Maggie was born 1863 in Wisconsin

In Jun 1863 Joseph, age 42, born Germany, registered for the draft.

Records state Joseph enlisted 17 Feb 1865 and was honorably discharged 15 Jul 1865. Full military records have been sent for and will be added here when received.

Daughter Katherine was born 1866 in Wisconsin

Son Joseph Jr. was born 1869 in Wisconsin

The 1870 Federal Census - 6th ward Racine, Racine, Wisconsin
Kropp, Joseph, 46,  Farmer, real estate valued at $2,000, personal estate valued $300, born Prussia
Kate, 42, born Baden
Isabella, 14, born Baden
Julia, 12, born Wisconsin
Maggie, 7, born Wisconsin
Kate, 4, born Wisconsin
Joseph, 2, born Wisconsin

Daughter Anna married 9 Nov 1871 in Racine to William Corzilius.

Daughter Isabella married 18 Jun 1872 in Racine to Frederick Weins.

Daughter Julia married 22 Jul 1875 to Joseph Feiertag.

The 1880 Federal Census - 6th ward, Racine, Racine, Wisconsin
Krupp, Joseph, 54, night watchman, born Prussia
Kate, 53, wife, born Prussia
Maggie, 17, daughter, born Wisconsin
Katie, 14, daughter, born Wisconsin
Joseph, 11, son, born Wisconsin

Daughter Margaret married 10 Jul 1882 in Milwaukee to Joseph Zeck.

The 1883 Racine City Directory listed Joseph as an engineer, living at 1320 12th. Joseph Jr. worked at a basket factory, lived with his parents.

The house at 1320 12th street was built around 1870. Current google pictures:

Daughter Katherine married 27 Mar 1884 in Milwaukee to Franklin Steinberg.

The 1885 Racine City Directory listed Joseph as an engineer living at 1320 12th, with Joseph Jr. working at J. M. & Co.

The Racine Journal 19 Aug 1885

The 1885 Soldiers census - 6th ward, Racine.
Joseph Krupp, private, 1 Ill battery, 1820-12th [should be 1320]

The 1887 Racine City Directory listed Joseph as an engineer, living at 1320 12th.

The 1888 Racine City Directory listed Joseph as an engineer, living at 1320 12th, Joseph Jr was a shoemaker.

It seems that Joseph was none too happy about some construction on 12th street.
The Journal Times 21 Feb 1888

Joseph died 10 Jul 1890 in Racine.

The Journal Times 11 Jul 1890

The Journal Times 12 Jul 1890

The Racine Journal 16 Jul 1890

The Journal Times 16 Jul 1890

He was buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Racine.

Probate filed 16 Jul 1890

On 21 Jul 1890 Katherine applied for a civil war pension based on Joseph's service.

Pension records can be seen here.

The 1890 Racine City Directory listed Mrs. Joseph Krupp at 1320 12th.

1892 Racine City Directory listed Catherine Krupp (widow of Joseph) residing at 1320 12th, along with son Joseph.

Daughter Julia married 2 Jan 1894 to Peter Geverling.

1897 Racine City Directory - Krupp, Catherine (wid Joseph) res 1320 Twelfth

The 1900 Federal Census, 6th ward, Racine
1320 12th Street
Krupp, Kathrine, born Dec 1827, 72, widow (married 52 years), 7 children born 6 children living, to US 1856, in US 44 years
Joseph, son, born Jun 1868, 31, born Wisconsin, labor____

1901 Racine City Directory - Krupp, Catherine, res 1320 Twelfth

The Journal Times 12 Jul 1901 - Katherine fell and broke both arms.

1904 Racine City Directory

1905 Wisconsin State Census, 11th ward, Racine.
Krupp, Katherine, 78, widow, born Germany
Joseph, son, 35, born Wisconsin, barrel maker

The 1906 Racine City Directory listed Katherine (wid. Joseph) house 1320 12th.

 1910 Racine City Directory - Krupp, Katherine (wid Joseph) 1320 12th

1910 Federal Census - 6th ward, Racine
1320 12th
Krupp, Katharine, 82, widowed, 6 children born, 6 children living, born Germany, to US 1856
Wisseckle, Lonna, roomer, 38, widowed, 1 child born, 1 child living, born Germany, helper at restaurant
Wisseckle, John, roomer, 16, born Wisconsin, clerk - laboring goods.

Katherine moved to Milwaukee to live with daughter Isabella Weins.

1911 Milwaukee City Directory - Krupp, Catherine, wid Joseph, 645 Homer.

Katherine died 10 Nov 1913 in Milwaukee.

She was buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Racine.

The Journal Times, 11 Nov 1913

The Journal Times 12 Nov 1913

The Racine Journal News, 12 Nov 1913