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John Henry Halstead 1842-1902

John Henry Halstead was born 7 May 1842 in Franklin, Bergen, New Jersey to Samuel Halstead and Margaret Snyder.

1850 Federal Census - Franklin, Bergen, New Jersey
Samuel Halsted, 50, farmer,born, New Jersey
Margaret, 52, born, New Jersey
John Henry, 8, born, New Jersey

1860 Federal Census - Franklin, Bergen, New Jersey
Samuel C. Halsted, 60, farmer, born New Jersey
Margaret, 60, born New Jersey
John, 18, farm laborer, born New Jersey

John married Catherine Carlough on 19 May 1861 in Ponds, Franklin, Bergen, New Jersey. Catherine was born 22 Jan 1845 in Bergen, New Jersey to John Henry Carlough and Sarah Massaker.

Daughter Margaret was born 6 Apr 1863 in Franklin, Bergen, New Jersey

The family moved to Michigan. Daughter Caroline was born 1866 in Michigan

1870 Federal Census - Paradise Township, Grand Traverse, Michigan page 436
Halstead, John, 28, farmer, $700 value of real estate, $150 value of personal estate, born in New Jersey; Catherine, 25, born in New York; daughters Margaret, 6, born in New York and Caroline, 4, born in Michigan.

1870 Farm Schedule Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan. Line 19, Halstead, John, 8 acres improved, 72 acres wooded, value of farm is $700, 25 bushels of buckwheat.

Son George Washington was born 7 Aug 1870 in Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan

Son Ellsworth was born 2 Oct 1871 in Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan

Land patent for 10 S 1/2 of SE 1/4 of section 24 of T25N R10W (Paradise township) dated 10
Feb 1874

Daughter Lillian May was born 30 Jun 1874 in Fife Lake, Grand Traverse, Michigan

Daughter Henrietta was born 11 Jun 1877

Daughter Margaret marred 29 Apr 1878 to Andrew Thompson Newmarch, son of James Newmarch and Melissa Milks.

Daughter Ida Mae was born 3 May 1879 in Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan

1880 Federal Census - Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan.
Halstead, John H., 38, farmer, born New Jersey; wife Catharine, 38, born New Jersey; daughter Carrie, 13, born New York; son George, 9, born Michigan; son Ellsworth, 8, born Michigan; daughter Lillian W., 5, born Michigan; daughter Henrietta, 2, born Michigan; daughter Ida, 1, born Michigan.

1880 Farm Schedule - Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan. Line 1 - John H. Halstead - owner, 11 acres tilled, 3 acres permanent meadows/pasture/orchard/vineyard, 66 acres wood lands. Value of farm is $800, tools $20, lived stock $140. $20 spent on building and repairs in 1879, $25 for farm laborer - hired for 3 weeks. 2 acres mowed, 2 acres hay; 2 oxen, 1 milch cow, 1 calf dropped; 100 pounds butter; 11 swine, 3 poultry, 50 dozen eggs; 3 acres oats produced 50 bushels; 10 bushels peas, 12 gallons molasses; 1 1/2 acres potatoes produced 200 bushels, 1/2 acres of apples.

Wife Catherine died 9 Jul 1892 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Kingsley.

On 2 Jan 1892 John was married to Louise Lutzenhiser Fowler by G. D. Chase, clergyman

Daughter Tessie Elsie was born 19 Jan 1894 in Paradise, Grand Traverse, Michigan.

1900 Federal Census - Paradise township, Grand Traverse, Michigan
Halstead, John H., born May 1842, 58, married 7 years, born New Jersey, farmer
Louisa, wife, born Oct 1854, 45, married 7 years, 6 children born, 3 children living, born Michigan
Justin C., stepson, born May 1880, 20, born Michigan, lumber ___
Willard A., stepson, born Sep 1886, 13, born Michigan, at school
Tessie E., daughter, born Jan 1894, 6, born Michigan, at school
Elsworth, son, born Oct 1871, 28, born Michigan, farmer

John died 16 Apr 1902

Transcript of the Grand Traverse county coroner's report

Traverse City Evening Record of 17 Apr 1902 tells of John's death

John is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Kingsley.

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Caroline and Lillian

Ellsworth and family




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James David Hency 1835-1907

James David Hency (called David in most records) was born 28 Aug 1835 in Miami, Ohio, the fifth child of Frederick Hency and Catherine Margaret Bailey.

The 1850 Federal Census - Newberry, Miami, Ohio
Frederick Ensey, 52, farmer, b. Pennsylvania, cannot read or write; Catharine, 40, born Pennsylvania, cannot read or write; Adam, 17, born Ohio; David, 15, born Ohio; Martin, 10, born Ohio; William, 8, born Ohio; Valentine, 6, born Ohio; Lucinda, 4, born Ohio; Noah, 5/12, born Ohio.

David was married 1 Sep 1853 to Catherine Cook. [Location unknown - record not found].

The 1860 Federal Census for David has not been found yet.

With the state of the Civil War, David's family enlisted. First to enlist was William who joined company F, 11 Ohio Infantry on 20 Jun 1861.

David's father Frederick followed, enlisting  in Company E, 11th Ohio Infantry on 8 Jan 1862.

Frederick died at the regiment hospital, Point Pleasant, West Virginia on 18 Feb 1862 of pneumonia.

Telegram sent to mother Catherine regarding Frederick's death.

On 5 Aug 1862 brother Charles enlisted in company G, 74th Indiana Infantry.

On 16 Oct 1862 James David Hency purchased the E 1/2 of SW 1/4 section 10 Township 11 North, Range 11 West (Ensley Township), Newaygo county Michigan from Andrew Rupel and wife Sarah. David is listed as being of Newaygo county Michigan, while Andrew is of Elkhart county Indiana.

Five days later (21 Oct 1862) David enlisted in company B, 29th Indiana Infantry

Brother Valentine served in Company K, 1st Ohio Infantry, date of enlistment not found.

Brother Charles mustered out 9 Jun 1865 in Washington, D.C.

David mustered out 21 Oct 1865.

Mother Catherine died 3 Aug 1866 in Mahoning, Ohio. She was struck by lightning.

Newaygo county Michigan land records volume 10 page 393 show David Hency paying $50 to Sarah M. Sheldon on 5 Oct 1869. Land is described as the south 1/2 of the northeast 1/4 of section 4 on Ensley township, containing 80 acres.

The 1870 Federal Census finds the family living in Ensley, Newaygo, Michigan.
James D. Hency, 33, farmer, real estate value $1500, personal estate value $250, born Ohio
Catherine, 31, born Ohio; William H., 13, born Indiana; Alvira, 10, born Indiana; James B., 6, born Michigan; Emma, 2, born Michigan.

The 1870 agricultural schedule of Ensley gives a view of the farm.
Line 4 - Hesery, James D., 25 acres improved, 55 acres woodland; farm value $1,500; value of implements $50; 1 milch cow, 2 working oxen, 2 other cattle, 3 swine, livestock value $200; 105 bushels of winter wheat, 20 acres of oats.

Wife Catherine died 18 Nov 1871 in Newaygo, Michigan. She is buried at North Ensley Cemetery, Ensley Center, Newaygo, Michigan.

David marriage Margaret Best, 15 Sep 1874 in Adamsville, Cass, Michigan

Alice married John Heiss Jr. on 16 Sep 1874 in Ensley, Newaygo, Michigan. Her age was 17 and birth place given as Elkhart, Indiana. They were married by T. S. Frey, minister.

The 1880 plat map of Ensley township shows David as living in Section 4, S 1/2 NE 1/4.

The 1880 Federal Census - Ensley, Newaygo, Michigan.
David Hency, 43, farmer, born in Ohio
Margret, wife, 42, born in New York
Emma, daughter, 12, born in Michigan, at school
Charles, son, 10, born in Michigan, at school
Hattie Reves, daughter-in-law [step-daughter], 13, born in Michigan, at school

1880 agricultural schedule - Ensley, line 6 is David J. Hensey, owner. 30 acres tilled, 16 acres permanent unplowed/pasture/orchard/vineyard, 40 acres woodland, 10 acres other improved. Value of farm $2,500; value of implements $100, value of livestock $150; $100 cost of building and repair in 1879, $10 wages paid, 19 weeks hired labor, $302 value of farm production; 15 acres mowed, 8 acres hay; 3 horses, 2 milch cows, 2 other, 1 calf dropped; 50 lbs butter, 3 swine, 26 barnyard poultry, 100 dozen eggs; 1 acres corn/50 bushels corn; 5 acres wheat/25 bushels wheat; 1 acres potatoes/50 bushels potatoes; 30 cords of wood cut, $15 value of forest products.

Daughter Emma married George Heiss on 4 Jan 1883 in Sand Lake, Kent, Michigan.

Son James David Jr. married Sarah Bell, 14 Jul 1883 in Mescota county. He is 21, born Ireland, and a shingle maker.

Also in 1883, according to family legend, son Charles ran away from home and lived with his mother's brother, Milo Cook.

Son James David Jr. married Addie Raymour on 9 Jun 1886 in Freesoil, Mason, Michigan. He is 26, born Michigan, a millman.

Son William married Eliza Ball on 25 Dec 1886.

The 1890 Federal Census - Veterans schedule, Ensley, Newaygo, Michigan - line 12. David Hensey, pvt. Co. B, 29 Ind Inf. enlisted 21 Oct 1862, discharged 21 Oct 1865, served 3 years, disability incurred - piles and chronic diarrhea.

On 31 Aug 1891 David purchased from William Hency and wife Eliza, 60 acres for $450. Description was NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 4, Ensley township. Recorded in liber 55, page 413.

Michigan 1894 census of soldiers, sailors and Marines finds David living in Ensley township, Newaygo county.

Son Charles married 27 Jun 1895 in Leland, Leelanau, Michigan to Ada Luella Middaugh.

Son William died prior to 7 Nov 1897 when his widow, Eliza, was married in Spencer, Kent, Michigan to David A. Overly.

1900 Federal Census - Plainfield, Kent, Michigan lists the family as Hency, David, born Aug 1834, age 65, married 26 years, born Ohio, father born Germany, mother born Pennsylvania, farmer, owns free farm; wife Catherina, born Sep 1841, age 58, marriage 26 years, no children born or living, born New York, parents born New York; Heiss, David, grandson, born Sep 1886, age 13, born Michigan, father born Indiana, mother born Michigan, at school. [Unknown who gave the information, but Catherina died in 1871, current wife is Margaret who has been married to David for 26 years.]

Wife Margaret died 1 Apr 1905 in Kent county.

Daughter Emma married John Brand, 8 Sep 1905 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan

David married Mary S. Wilson, on 30 Oct 1905 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

David died  9 Jul 1907 in Sparta, Kent, Michigan.

David is buried at Rockford Cemetery, Rockford, Kent, Michigan.