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Uriah Chubb 1806-unknown

Uriah Chubb was said to be born in 1806 in Columbia County, New York, the son of Ira Chubb and Mercy Sherwood.

Prior to 1820 Ira moved his family to Steuben county

1820 Federal Census - Wayne, Steuben, New York
Family of Ira Chubb consists of 4 males under 10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 16-25; 1 male 26-44; 1 male 45 +; 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-15;

Uriah married Jane Johnson in 28 May 1829 in Steuben county, New York. She was born 17 Aug 1812 in Steuben county, New York.

By the next census Ira have moved north to Yates county.

1830 Federal Census - Barrington, Yates, New York
Family of Ira Chubb consists of 1 male 10-under 15; 2 males 15-under twenty; 1 male 20 to under 30; 1 male 40 to under 50; 1 female 20 to under 30; 1 female 40 to under 50.

Son Samuel J. was born c1831 in New York

Son Ira was born 22 Oct 1833 in Steuban, New York.

Uriah has moved his family west to Ohio. County in red is Sandusky.

Daughter Henrietta was born 1837 in Ohio [possibly Sandusky county]

Daughter Sarah was born 1838 in Ohio

Uriah moved his family again, this time north to Lenawee county Michigan.

Father Ira purchased land in section 1, township 1 north, range 4 east in Livingston county on 4 Sep 1838

Sadly son Ira died 16 Feb 1839 in Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan

1840 Federal Census - Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan
Family of Uriah Chubb consists of 1 male 5 to under 10; 2 males 30 to under 40; 2 females under 5; 1 female 20 to under 30

Son Miles was born 15 Jul 1840 in Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan

Son Edward was born 1843 in Michigan

Son Charles B. was born 1845 in Michigan

Son Lorenzo F. was born 22 Apr 1847 in Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan

Wife Jane died in 21 Aug 1849 in Michigan. She is buried in Wilcox Cemetery, Palmyra Township, Lenawee, Michigan

1850 Federal Census - Chester, Ottawa, Michigan
Uriah Chubb, 42, farmer, born New York
Samuel, 18, laborer, born New York, deaf & dumb
Sarah, 12, born New York

The other children of Uriah are living with their grandparents Ira and Mercy in Livingston county

1850 Federal Census - Green Oak, Livingston county
Ira Chubb, 78, born Massachusetts
Betsy Chubb, 46, born New York
Mercy Chubb, 70, born New York
Miles Davison, 16, born New York
Major Davison, 14, born New York
Henry Davison, 8, born New York
Henryett Chubb, 14, born Ohio
Edward Chubb, 8 born Michigan
Chas Chubb, 6 born Michigan
Lorenzo Chubb, 3, born Michigan
Jas Rogers, 23, born New York

Uriah married widow Abigail Atherton Shriner in 1853, Kent, Michigan

Daughter Mary was born in 1855 in Michigan

From "History and Directory of Kent County, Michigan" page 96 - In 1855 Uriah Chubb who had been living for a few years in Cheter township, Ottawa county, settled on the west part of section thirty.

In 1856 daughter Sarah moved to Flint to attended the "Michigan Asylum for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind. Created in 1848 the first classes were held in February 1854. The first building was constructed in 1857, with classes being held in temporary facilities prior to that.

Undated postcard photo

Son Daniel was born in 1857 in Michigan

1860 Federal Census - Tyrone, Kent, Michigan - taken 13 Aug 1860.
Uriah Chubb, 53, farmer, born New York
Abigal, 39, born New York
Samuel J., 29, farmer, born New York, deaf & dumb
Henrietta, 23, born Ohio, deaf & dumb
Sarah, 22, born Ohio, deaf & dumb
Edward B., 17, farmer laborer, born Michigan
Charles B., 15, farm laborer, born Michigan
Mary, 5, born Michigan
Daniel, 3, born Michigan
Fustena, 6 months, born Michigan
George W. Shriner, 15, farm laborer, born Ohio
Albert Shriner, 11, born Ohio
Hannah Shriner, 8, born Ohio

Mother Mercy Chubb died 8 Aug 1860 in Livingston and was buried in Green Oak Union Cemetery.

Daughter Christina was said to be born 9 Dec 1860 in Casnovia, Kent, Michigan. She is most likely the same child as Fustena, age 6 months in the 1860 census, putting her birth in February 1860.

Son Miles enlisted in Company H, 3rd Michigan Infantry on 13 May 1861 and was mustered into service 10 Jun 1861. (from Michigan Volunteers)

Daughter Enis was born in 1862 in Michigan.

Daughter Henrietta was married to F.A. Stowe on 26 Jan 1863 in Lyons, Kent, Michiga

Son Miles re-enlisted in the army on 23 Dec 1863 at Brandy Station, Virginia. 

While home on leave son Miles was married to Julia Thurston on 20 Jan 1864 in Chester, Ottawa, Michigan

Son Miles transfered to Company A, 5th Michigan Infantry on 10 Jun 1864. He was commissioned as
2nd Lieutenant Company F, 5th Michigan Infantry and mustered 22 Feb 1865.

Son Lorenzo enlisted and was mustered into Company A, 5th Michigan Infantry on 2 Mar 1865. 

Sons Miles and Lorzenzo mustered out on 5 Jul 1865 at Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Father Ira Chubb died 27 Feb 1867 in Livingston county and was buried at Green Oak Union Cemetery.

Daughter Sarah was married to Walter S. Meseroe on 18 Nov 1868 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan

Daughter Henrietta wad married to Jedutham Alexander on 9 May 1869 in Tyrone, Kent, Michigan

Daughter Sarah was married to John Tracy in 1870.

1870 Federal Census - Tyrone, Kent, Michigan
Chubb, Uriah, 65, farmer, born New York
Abagail, 48, keeping house, born New York
Samuel, 39, farm laborer, born New York, deaf & dumb
Mary, 15, teaching school, born Michigan
Daniel, 12, born Michigan
Christina, 10, born Michigan
Enis, 8, born Michigan
Shriner, Hannah, 18, domestic servant, born Ohio
Shriner, Albert, 20, farm laborer, born Ohio

Daughter Mary was married to William Foster on 3 Jun 1875 in Kent, Michigan

Wife Abigail died 24 Jun 1878 of paralysis in Tyron, Kent, Michigan. She is aged 56 years, 1 month, 17 days, the daughter of Daniel Afton and Mary.

Abigail is buried at Lisbon Cemetery, Sparta, Kent, Michigan

Son Edward married Elizabeth Young on 30 Jun 1878 in Tyrone, Kent, Michigan

Uriah married widow Sarah Jane Wilcox Trask on 22 Mar 1879 in Hastings, Barry, Michigan

Daughter Christina was married to Adam Wertenberger on 25 Dec 1879 in Tyrone, Kent, Michigan. Ceremony was performed by Uriah Chubb, Justice of the Peace.

1880 Federal Census - Tyrone, Kent, Michigan
Chubb, Uriah, 73, justice of peace, born New York
Sarah J., 61, housekeeper, born New York

Daughter Ennis A. was married to Frank D. Davis on 22 Jul 1883 in Tyrone, Kent, Michigan

1884 Michigan State Census - Tyrone, Kent county
Uriah Chubb, 78, married, born New York
Sarah J., 66, wife, born New York
Normie M. Fush, 12, daughter, born Illinois
Phoebe Thompson, 69, sister-in-law, born New York
Samuel Chubb, 52, son, married, born New York
Edward Chubb, 41, son, married, born New York

Son Edward was married to Sarah L. Thompson Hawley on 30 Sep 1885 in Casnovia, Muskegon, Michigan

Son Miles was married to Louise Thurston 1 Jul 1886 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

10 Jun 1890 - Special census of deaf persons - Sarah states she was born deaf, her brother Samuel and sister Henrietta are both deaf, father is Uriah (living), mother unnamed is deceased. The school/institution she attended was Butters Corners, admitted at age 18, attended for seven years. Current residence is Flint, Genesee, Michigan, occupation is cook.

Son Daniel was married to Mary E. Moran on 9 Feb 1898 in Ludington, Mason, Michigan

The exact date of Uriah's death is not known. He is listed as living in 1890 and not found in the 1900 census.

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